Black Friday Sale 2023

Every year, we wait for one special shopping carnival, that is Black Friday! So does 2023. The living cost keeps increasing, and it seems all the stuffs are selling at higher price than before? So 2023, we are going to just make things simple! We do the price drop directly for all the SOUKE.CC cyclists!


– TIME: Nov. 23~27th
– Promotion Details: 30% OFF Directly on ALL products listed online. NO COUPON needed.
– Additional: You can try to collect some other COUPON, which cannot help price drop any futher, but you can get special gift if you use it. And every one client can only apply one COUPON for ONE TIME. 


Pro air jersey, as the best jersey line in, also is the most expensive line, it has short sleeve version and long sleeve version, both versions are for summer time, with its extreme light weight, and breathable fabric, it already got a lot of fans. what’s more, the color of Pro air line also very attractive, classic even time passes. Original price 136.99USD~146.99USD, Black Friday price: 95.89USD~102.89USD;


Lines jersey was releasing around late summer and early Autumn this year. All the lines are long sleeve jerseys, men and women with different colors. And there are two different versions for both summer, early autumn and also fleeced ones for deep autumn and winter cycling. What’s more, the price is very attractive, even without any discount, you can get one at very affordable price from 69.99USD, so when we have promotion like this, there is no reason to say no. 😀 Original price from 69.99~95.99USD, Black Friday price: 48.99~67.19USD.

Cargo Bib Shorts

Unlike many other brands selling cargo bibs at higher price, makes it at really affordable one. Releasing in 2023, it already get a lot of loyal clients now. Not just because of its affordable price, but also result in its high performance in quality and wearing experience. We can confidently say it might beat all the cargo bibs below price 90USD or even higher. 🙂  So, it should be the time to stock some everyday cycling shorts for your own. 🙂  Normal price: 65.99USD, Black Friday price: 46.19USD.

There is still one month time for the big promotion to come, but it is time to get prepared now, as the stock is limited, so the early you come, the best choice you will have. 😉  And we cannot wait to serve you.

Keep Pedaling and RIDE NOW!