SOUKE 100km Challenge

Life is full of challenges. When we meet them, we can just skirt round the difficulties, or we can face them directly. They might be hard, but they not unbeatable. The fruit of the victory is always sweet, and we will meet a better self inside.

A 100km can be bit difficult for a new cyclist, or it can be just a small obstacle for experienced cyclists. But it is time to set up yourself a riding plan, and you will know how good you can be. Therefore, we sincerely invite you to join SOUKE 100km challenge invitation. To meet the beautiful world and better you.

– All Cyclists with SOUKE Cycling clothing.

– Any time within 2023.


1. Wear your SOUKE Clothing and ride over 100km one time.

2. Upload the data on Strava or other cycling apps.

3. Take some riding pictures along the 100km road.

4. Share the pictures and data info on social media (Instagram, facebook, cycling forums, etc) . Follow & tag our new social media account: @souke_cc_ on Instagram or on Facebook if you post there, use hashtag #soukecycling #souke100km #cyclingchallenge in your post.

5. Send the post link or screenshot to us. (You can contact us through email: or through our facebook or our instagram account @souke_cc_)

6. Medal/Prize Sent. 

1. SOUKE Premium Cycling Socks 1 Pair.
2. 30% OFF Discount Coupon on SOUKE 100KM Challange Race Jersey for SOUKE VIP only.

So, are you ready for the challenge? Leave your comment below if you have any questions, or if you want to share your challenge updates there. 🙂 We are also happy to hear if you are willing to share with us your SOUKE Challenge stories, they might be updated on our site as well in the near future. 🙂