21 Days Low Carbon Challenge

From the time of industry revolution, machine started to replace humen to be the No. 1 force of production. This bring us an easier and more convinient life, but also stimulate the exploration and usage of the natural gas, petroleum, as well as the coal mine, and therefore lead to more carbon dioxide emission and globle warming. The climate and the environment are no longer the one we use to live in, and we are now paying the high price for what we have done before.

At this time being, SOUKE are now holding the 21 days “LOW CARBON TRANSPORTATION” action to hope gathering more cyclists on protecting our world. Less cars, less motel, and more bicycling or other low carbon transportation way.

21 Days, We Can All Do It!

– All SOUKE Cyclists with SOUKE Clothing.

– Any time within 2023.


– Join 21 days low carbon transportation activity (like bicycling, walk, running, etc, and wear SOUKE Products at least 7 times).

– Take pictures or videos and upload to your social media account. Mention the number of times you are doing this. (eg: Day 5: Walk from home to work 2.5km today. etc)

– Follow & tag our official account: Facebook: @souke.cc or Instagram @souke_cc_

– Use hashtag like: #soukecycling #lowcarbontransportation #21dayschallenge

– Send the screenshot of your 21days social posts to SOUKE (email: info@souke.cc) and get your prize.

– SOUKE high quality cycling accessories. (Gloves or Socks or Hats, we will sent randomly)

We believe each time we do something, we will influence a tiny bounch of people around us, and if we can insist on doing something good for our natural mother, the world will become better and better.

Leave your comment below if you have any questions, or if you are willing to share with us your cycling stories, send us email and it can be updated on SOUKE site some day in the near future.

Note: Each cyclist can only join the 21 days action 1 time in half year.