We are Now Upgraded to SOUKE.CC

For cyclists that know our brand, we are now upgraded to SOUKE.cc officially from 2023. But for those who don’t know us, they might have this question: Who is SOUKE?
SOUKE, is a cycling apparel brand, which has been working in this industry for over 10 years now. But at the very beginning, we are not selling all professional cycling kits.


    • In 2010, Souke Sports 搜克运动 officially registered and borned in China, so was the SOUKE brand, which is the English letters of 搜克 pronunciation from the company name. During that time, there were very few people in China ride road bikes. Eason, the owner and the designer of SOUKE, as a road cycling hobbiest, decided to start his own business in this industry. As a small business at the beginning, he also took orders from other company to help designing and making cycling apparels for their brands in China and overseas market.
    • In 2014, Eason got married and the wedding is a bicycle wedding, bicycle had already been an important part of his life.
    • In 2016, company changed to Quanzhou Souke Sports Co. Ltd the current one officially.
    • In 2017, one of the Eason’s client found Eason and talking about oversea market cooperation. Eason, as  the partner and the main designer,  agreed to focused on the entry level products firstly and started selling on Amazon.Therefore, SoukeSports started to sell in U.S.A. and other countries as well. Things was going on well, and the brand was growing bigger. However, entry level products is not what Eason want to make at the very beginning, SOUKE’s main focus should be the professional cycling apparel.
    • In 2023, SOUKE.cc released online. Here you can only find SOUKE but not “SoukeSports” products, which means only SOUKE professional cycling apparel line only. We upgraded the products on all side: the fabric, the materiel, the design, and the fit. Every products before releasing needs to be tested at least 10 times on materiel, fit, and everything else which will influence the wear feelings.
    • The future, is unlimited. We are all ears to hear from our clients, and always ready to develop better products for our cyclists.

New icon design

We are Now Upgraded to SOUKE.CC

You might also found that SOUKE changed its icon now. What does the new icon mean? It is actually pretty easy to understand.

– If you look further, it is just like a cyclist who is pedaling on.
– If you look closer, there are 4 water drops, which is the meaning of the cyclist’s sweat.

SOUKE is now putting this icon on all of the new designs. Keep riding on, and enjoy the cycling sweat. 🙂 

It could be a chill ride or race, it could be in the city or country side, it could enjoyable or serious, but after all, JUST RIDE NOW! As life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you need to keep on pedaling.