Your Cycling Story – Next Joint Design

Cycling is a solitory activity, you can ride with a group, but the teams might be faster or slower than you, you still have to ride alone to achieve your own destination.
Cycling is also a group activity, riding alone might be fast, but with a group, you learn more and ride longer, what’s more, you will have more fun with other cyclists together.

What is your purpose to ride? Do you still remember your original intention?
– Is it to visit more places and enjoy more beautiful views?
– Is it to have a healthier lifestyle or maybe you just want to lose weight?
– Is it to meet more friends?
– Or you just to ride fast and be a professional racer?

Not everyone riding bicycle are professional racer or social idols, the real cycling is also different from the what the ads tell you. The real cycling journey might be with 90% of dirty road, ugly views, tired soul and 10% beauty at destination. But we respect them all!

So now SOUKE provide a place for you to share your cycling stories, you don’t have to be professional cyclists, you don’t need to be perfect on your look or figure. You are just you. 

Here is the details of the project.
– Anyone share their cycling stories with SOUKE will get 30% coupon on their next purchase and their stories and data will be kept in SOUKE.
– SOUKE will pick several of them to send free SOUKE kits to test.
– And also for the most lucky ones, SOUKE will contact them to design together so that they will have their own unique cycling products. We believe this will become very special memories for our cyclists. Each year, SOUKE might pick 1 or two cyclists to help with the new designs. 🙂

– Cycling story needs to be real, topic can be: why you ride, and what happens later, why you keep on riding, what happens that touch you deepestly. etc. Words better no less than 500.
– Send one of your riding picture to us, and also your social media account info.
– By sending us the cycling stories, you are agree to allow SOUKE share on social media.
– If you are picked as free kits tester, you need to help provide some of the feedbacks and pictures.
– If you are picked as joint designer, we will contact you for more info needed.

We are on all ears now to hearing from you.

Ride Now & Keep Pedaling!